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About us


Champagne Park Automobile, “facilitator of access “, always had for vocation the management of the public equipments of car park for Communities.

Our job extends of the prospecting in the exploitation, including the construction and the renovation of car parks.

It constitutes a complex mission which does not stop evolving, for in the new problems of cities, in the new consumer expectations or still in the changes of regulations.

Since its creation, in 1976, Champagne Park Automobile accompanied the development of the offer of car park of the city of Reims, and adapted the properties confided to the technical, technological and statutory evolutions.

Its Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer is Madam Valérie Beauvais, 3 ° Added to Deputy and mayor of her.

His Director is Mister Olivier Guinot.

Champagne Parc Auto in figures

Number of parkings : 5

Number of parking spaces : 2,100

Hourly parking : more than 1,000,000 users

Subscriptions : more than 1,500 susbcribers

Number of employees : 23

Manage parking is the only player in the stillness in chain mobility …

but it is not growing immobility.

The Champagne Parc Auto values

Agent of delegations of public services, Champagne Park Automobile developed and maintains, for all equipments, essential values which are the electrical wire of the action of all employees.


  • Quality of our customer relationships.
  • Quality of our services.
  • Quality of facilities and their maintenance condition.
  • Quality in choosing our suppliers and service providers.

Quality declined in everyday life, is our main goal.


  • Security of our customers;
  • Video surveillance
  • Security of our employees and facilities assigned


Champagne Park Automobile, respectful company of its environment, intends to participate actively in its protection and implements, to the everyday life or during the works, materials, supplies or equipments presenting most possible environmental low impact.


The creativity of champagne(Champagne) Park Automobile applies to the preparation of equipments for the requirements of tomorrow and for the innovation by the knowledge of needs and aspiration of our customers.

Responsible company

Champagne(Champagne) Park Automobile is the only company of management of the car park in Europe triply certified: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The voluntary approach(initiative) committed(hired) by champagne(Champagne) Park Automobile since 2010 is the outcome of a politics(policy) of quality and corporate social responsibility and environmental.

Afaq_9001_gris Afaq_14001_grisAfaq_1800_gris

The sustainable development

Champagne(Champagne) Park Automobile is committed(hired) in an approach(initiative) of sustainable development.